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Math Placement Exam

In order to maximize student success in mathematics courses, New Mexico State University has mandatory placement guidelines in all mathematics courses. This means that you must establish that you meet the stated prerequisite in any mathematics course for which you enroll. This page will help you determine what courses you are currently eligible to take and how to change your current placement level.

Initial placement is done from a combination of Math ACT (ACTM) and high school grade point average. An SAT math score may be substituted for an ACT math score. The combination of ACTM and GPA determines your Math Placement Level (MPL).

Check your initial placement!

If you do not have an ACT score, then you will be placed into CCDM 103N. If you are unsatisfied with this placement, you can take the residual ACT exam administered at DACC Testing Center 575-528-7294.

If you are dissatisfied with your initial placement, you may choose to take the Mathematics Placement Examination (MPE) and try to raise your placement. You can only take the MPE twice! YOU CANNOT LOWER YOUR PLACEMENT.

Graphing calculators are no longer allowed to be used on the MPE. Non-graphing scientific calculators such as the TI-30 are allowed to be used on the MPE. We also do not allow the use of an Ipad, smartphones such as Iphones or Droids, or any other wireless devices to be used on the exam.

If you wish to enroll in Math 191 (Calculus I), you must take the MPE and achieve a qualifying score.

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